deconstructing wonderland

"the rabbit hole experience is much like stepping in and out of a prism. sights, sounds and sensations intersect. pushing perceptions and boundaries."

- nico iliev.


the rabbit hole is distinguished for its participatory events that blur the boundary between creators and spectators.

underneath a foundation of festivity and a celebration of disruption, the shows seek to provoke new conceptions, perceptions and realities through carefully scripted productions.

in devising provocative and ephemeral narratives, an application process is created to enter a show. guests wishing to attend follow the rabbit hole’s chief, the white rabbit, through virtual labyrinths they navigate with clues and keys.

those who succeed in the inquiry are then escorted to the rabbit hole's deconstructed world; a mysterious journey which begins and ends at a secret location. attendees become participants in a collective voyage.

the shows' designs are the creation of teatro de los sentidos' producer carlos calvo and rabbit hole's founder samina virani, who together have trademarked a storytelling experience of intimacy, games, and corporal communication.

thanks to our supporters in the performing arts:



"the crystal ball"
february 15, 2014 : new york city

pioneer works,

"the crystal ball"
june 12, 2012: barcelona

estacion franca.

january 30, 2010: new york city

chelsea art museum.


"the beginning"
march 15, 2008: new york city

rabbit hole loft, soho.