an interactive theater production and official send off for the crystal express train journey.
held at the estacion de francia, a scenario of play and provocation was created to enchant 250 accepted participants into wonderland.
involving mysterious trap doors, puzzles, codes, a wishing well, performances, and a carrot ceremony, the storytelling platform was designed to immerse the attendees into the lands and stories of the various cities the residency would visit; as well as to stimulate new ideas about myth and pilgrimage by challenging the cultural constructed limits and border.
beginning at the journey’s launch city, barcelona, these games then created a chain reaction that weaved its way through 7 cities.
as part of the mysterious build up to the show, those who were accepted to attend online were instructed to pick up a red key at a local bodega which held the coordinates of the secret location – the back entrance of the train station.



director: samina virani.
written by: samina virani, carlos calvo
producer: rica amaral
designer: andrea guimet
associate designer: lisa del monte



june 12, 2012

estació franca, barcelona