it was all rather analogue:

and a bit of digital:

on march 15, 2008, 144 individuals were hand-picked by the white rabbit to a gathering at an ominous soho loft.
each invitee was sent a crystal ball in their mailbox, etched with a riddle and instructions. through a series of quizzing labyrinths, they were invited to inquire, imagine, invent, reconstruct, redefine, recreate.
awaiting them on the night, "enchanters" of performance art, sound and installation crafted the night's journey with twinkles and flares to entice each's imagination.
music producer santos resiak created a soundscape for the evening; deniz kurtel designed a 12 ft installation of plexi glass and LED lights; victor de souza arranged an impromptu fashion show, and professor don rodrigues mastered the ceremony.
the loft was transformed into the very first rabbit hole, marking the inaugural imprint of this imaginary space.


director: samina virani
created by: don rodrigues, samina virani
visual effects: connected productions
sound design: nektarios ioannidis
casting: nico iliev



march 15, 2008

soho, new york



tales and impressions:

"i think of it as a peripatetic utopia, a roving show of hope and joy in constant motion that perfectly encapsulated the angst and ecstasy of new york's artistic youth in those precious moments before the great economic collapse of 2008. in its early phase, it assembled its cast of actors from across the globe to gather at strategic pressure points lurking just below the urbane grid. these artists and muses unsettled and restructured possibilities for experience through art, community, and radical critique."

- don rodrigues, prof. vanderbilt university, nashville
 “what a powerful creative force. the way we bonded, the intensity of the production, the sheer talent of the group,
the clever way that the rabbit hole triggered our senses. it felt like anything was possible. i was transported into another realm."

- derek peck, publisher, planet magazine, san francisco


" i remember this loft, turning into a space hall, a corridor of twisted lights leading into an exuberant energy of creatures surrounded by sound and love. only but good memories about my first time performing live in nyc."
- santos resiak, music producer, buenos aires