a one night only exhibition and performance revealing the discoveries and artistic conclusions of the crystal express residency.
at the intersection of performance, visual art and interactive theater, “the crystal ball” was designed as a journey capturing some of the sensations, stories and stimulus from the crystal express journey. 
the works of resident artists were revealed against the backdrop of a theatrical dramaturgy and sensory experience.
those who wished to attend signed up online following the white rabbit through virtual labyrinths, navigated through clues and keys in a dialogue about connectivity.
300 accepted applicants were invited to indulge in the rabbit hole’s deconstructed world.

each attendee, induced as a traveler and participant in the collective voyage, was mysteriously prompted to meet at new york’s pier 42. amid a blustery new york blizzard, the magic carpet ride of spirited gypsies and playful imaginations embarked on an urban journey across water and land.
several provocations were planted throughout the evening, including an interactive game of mirrors, and an unlikely jam session between musicians and performers.
the crystal ball marked the launch of the rabbit hole’s international residency program based on the notion of “the pilgrimage.”


director: samina virani
written by: samina virani, carlos calvo
producer: iñigo cavestany díez
curator: samina virani
sound design: jeffrey white
visual effects: diego perez olave



feb 15, 2014

pioneer works, new york