the rabbit hole is an imaginary space:


it has propagated various platforms
such as an international residency program,
live theater happenings around the world,
and a philosophical think tank.

founded in new york in 2008, the collective - comprised of a mischievous group of artists, storytellers, and visionaries - numbers 2000+ in 56 countries.

the collective seeks to stimulate new ideas about the self and other and to challenge culturally constructed limits and borders. a manifesto, written by its founders, bases its principles on deconstruction, and the reinvention of rituals and forms.
underneath a foundation of festivity and a celebration of disruption, the rabbit hole has created provocative participatory shows at the chelsea art museum, a time traveling double decker bus in new york city, a catamaran in the mediterranean and a 21 day train journey across europe and the middle east, among others venues.

founders and company:


samina virani : the white rabbit
founder // director of magic
don rodrigues : the madhatter
director of philosophy
nico ilev : the dragon
director of photography
maike paul : the mirror
director of light

"the rabbit hole has always been a space that prioritized relationships between the sensual and intellectual, emphasizing through art and play the unity of seeming contradictions into a series of happy paradoxes. we looked paradox in the eye and summoned it to dance with us. the beauty in paradox--the care and attention we fade to it--was evident in each event down to the thrilling particulars, such an invitation with multiple component parts and materials ranging in composition from metal to parchment to the purely digital."

- don rodrigues, the madhatter, prof. vanderbilt university