a theatrical exhibition revealing the creative aftermath from the journey down the rabbit hole of 060609. 
underneath a foundation of festivity and a celebration of disruption, “smoke” aimed to provoke new conceptions about time, and to challenge the discourses surrounding the way “time keeps us”, and the way “we keep time”. 

through an elaborate application process of riddles, 300 people were selected to participate in the costume affair that transformed attendees into time travellers. the ephemeral narrative, co-curated by the museum of sex's curator sarah forbes, showcased a series of inventions, performances, and video projections reinterpreting "time" inspired from 060609, 
"smoke" also provoked the reinterpretation of the exhibition, proposing that what constitutes an exhibition is a narrative, a performance, or even, more simply, the live interaction and creative process of a community.

participating artists:

ohad maiman
carlota figueras
irmak canevi
lynsey peisinger
nico iliev



director: samina virani
producer: iñigo cavestany díez
assistant producer: judith delmas
curator: sarah forbes
sound design: nektarios ioannidis
visual effects: chelsea art museum



january 30, 2010

chelsea art museum, new york