a pilgrimage across lands and seas

 "as travelers we do journey,
searching for some sort of wonderland;
what is it that connects us?
a memory?
well what if we stop remembering?

- samina virani

the rabbit hole seeks to stimulate new ideas about the self and the other, and to challenge culturally constructed limits and borders.

to support this goal, a traveling residency program was established in 2012, aimed at the deconstruction of myth, storytelling and the essential notion of pilgrimages.

artists from any discipline can apply to participate as one of the 5 selected wandering wonderers. together they embark on a pilgrimage traversing 7 locations - across lands ands seas - for a total of 21 days. applications are adjudicated by our academic advisory board.

the residency is specifically designed to create a means for artists to explore the magical realism of archetypal journeys, while relying on wit and the power of improvisation to reconstruct new narratives.

storytelling and interventions are central to the journey.

the next residency is scripted for summer 2017.

the residency program is under the academic advisory of the following institutions:



june 6, 2009: new york city

90 passengers embarked on a mysterious urban crusade.

the crystal express
june 13, 2012: barcelona - tel aviv

7 artists boarded a train from barcelona to tel aviv.

the crystal odyssey
summer 2017: the mediterranean

the journey across seas submerges soon...

“the process of pilgrimage allows us to reinvent, deconstruct, melt into mythologies, and to become our own storytellers."
-samina virani.