since 2008, the rabbit hole has grown from an intimate handful of new-york based artists and philosophers to 2000+ members in 56 countries. to get into the rabbit hole, each character has either created or participated in wonderland together.

the first 40 to go down the rabbit hole:

tales and impressions:

"the whole thing becomes a story, itself an aggregation of other people’s personal stories, which are being compiled into an anthology. i didn’t know at the time that it would be the story of my life. alas, it is. i met my wife at the urban rabbit hole in new york, 2008."
— faris yakob, founder genius steals, new york
"the rabbit hole experience is much like stepping in and out of a prism. eclectic people and unique sights, sounds and sensations intersect, sparking one-of-a-kind conversations, creations and cocktails-some that are shared and others which are personal, but all of them pushing the boundaries."
– liz chernett, art director,  new york
"my experience in the rabbit hole has always been like swallowing that first sip of frosty champagne. you understand you are entering a familiar, yet entirely unmapped territory of what we usually don't allow ourselves the pleasure and privilege to do. a tasty passage to absurdity at its best."
— carlos calvo, producer teateroen, copenhagen