the rabbit hole approached adidas global to be the exclusive partner for "the crystal express" residency.
in june 2012, adidas officially announced their full support to the project.

the crystal express //

- june 13th 2012, 5 acclaimed award winning artists were selected to embarked on a 14 day train journey from barcelona to tel aviv, their task was to explore connectivity across borders, countries and cultures,
commissioned to generate individual responses to the following challenge:
what happens when we deconstruct all the paradigms,
open all the borders,
and explore connectivity,
using our most powerful technology...the senses:
what is it that connects us?

- they travelled and interacted with communities across western and eastern europe and the middle east, strategically stopping in the 7 cities of barcelona, paris, berlin, gyoma, bucharest, istanbul and tel specific happenings - in conjunction with teatro de los sentidos - were created in each city. one event was linked to the next, becoming a chain, and creating a stage for larger dialogues and idea generation.
adidas partnership outputs //
- 3500+ active creative contributors involved in the project.

- 10,000 members connected to the online white rabbit game.

- 200,000 unique visits to the media blog, set up by

- qualitative analysis piece about "the nature of connectivity"

- documentary film created by award winning filmmaker gandja monteiro.

the official press release:
"in a world where we would rather text than talk...
in a world where transportation has brought us closer together, connecting our destination points
but not our journey...
in a world where europe's open borders are challenged by increasing economic and political obstacles…
in a world where we think we are international by sitting on our laptops...
in a world where our sense of identity around nationalism and institutionalized religion has broken down…

what is it that connects us?"

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